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Make a statement at your venue!

Make your venue one that people remember! With entertainment that brings people back week-in week-out.

Whether you're a pub, cocktail bar, hotel or cafe, Travis can tailor his music to your needs.

Stylistic examples


- Embrace the rowdy side of pub culture with a great mix of classics and new hits that get the crowd singing along. Great for getting the people up and dancing, and is reflected in stronger bar sales and more positive social interactions between groups of people.

- Get the crowd dancing with the best funk, pop, rock and new hits. Travis can notch up the energy with his one-of-a-kind looping techniques, or you can opt to get the whole band in and make it a feature of the weekends events!

Relax a bit

- Strip it all back a bit and enjoy the nuanced playing that Travis can provide. Chilled music is a fantastic support to venues that want to build a strong food & wine culture or provide a social atmosphere for friends to unwind. Travis can fill the pauses in conversations with tasteful spins on popular songs, as well as the hidden gems that are less likely to appear on the conventional set list. 

- Experience across well over 2000 gigs will ensure that you get the perfect music that builds on your vibe. Whether you're a poolside bar, a vibrant cafe, or a smokey whiskey haunt, you can be confident knowing that Travis will bring the right music to complement your vibe!

Not sure what you need?

- If you're keen on live music but are unsure on your style, let Travis come in and read the room. Having played all through Greater Sydney and Australia and internationally, he is well equipped to give your crowd a tailored session of music. He understands that music tastes change from venue to venue and even from crowds from week-to week, and adjusts accordingly.

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